Act of Reparation Before Holy Communion

O Lord, my God, and Savior, who,

as Thou didst endure for our salvation

the outrages of those who crucified Thee,

so now deigns to bear with those

who by careless or unworthy Communions

approach and touch Thee,

not discerning Thee,

and endures all irreverence rather than withhold Thy sacred Presence from our Altars:

I bewail these indignities,

and most earnestly desire to prevent,

to the utmost of my power,

whatever thus still grieves Thee.

I beseech Thee,

accept this sorrow and this desire as the only offering

I can make in reparation for such great dishonor.

O Lord, increase my faith,

and preserve me from the least profanation of this adorable Mystery,

and kindle in me and in the hearts of all Thy people,

especially of all who celebrate or assist in its ministration,

such reverence and devotion that

Thy most holy name may more and

more be honored and glorified in this Sacrament.