Aspirations for Shalom Ministries

i. Blessed Virgin Mary, we seek your powerful intercession for Shalom World to open millions of eyes, to see and know the truth which will set them free.

ii. Sweet Mother Mary, intercede for Shalom Tidings magazine to cut millions of hearts with the Word of God and set them ablaze with the fire of divine love.

iii. Loving mother of God, enfold Shalom ministry and all the works done in your virginal mantle that all may praise and glorify God.

iv. O St. Joseph, protector of the Holy Church, intercede for Shalom World to be the voice of the Church in these troubled times.

v. St. Joseph, our Spiritual Father, pray for Shalom Tidings to be a gift of hope for the whole world.

vi. St. Joseph, zealous defender of Christ, protect Shalom ministry and all those involved from dangers, sickness and peril.

vii. O Holy Spirit, empower Shalom World to bring forth renewal of minds and transformation of hearts.

viii. Holy Spirit, our comforter, bring forth streams of peace through Shalom Tidings across the face of the earth.

ix. O Holy Spirit, strengthen Shalom ministries to proclaim the love of God with all boldness.