Chaplet of the Infant Jesus

Beads: There are three and twelve for this chaplet.


This chaplet to the Holy Infant owes its origin to the zeal of Venerable Marguerite of the Blessed Sacrament of Beaune (France) who died in 1648 at age 27. It centers on the mystery of Jesus Christ’s infancy, highlighting especially purity of heart and innocence.


Our Father (3x) in honor of the Holy Family (3 beads)
Before each Our Father say: And the word became flesh, and lived among us.

Hail Mary (12x) in honor of the twelve years of Jesus’ infancy
Before the first Hail Mary say: And the word became flesh, and lived among us.

At the end of the chaplet say: Holy Infant Jesus, bless and protect us.

This chaplet (3 and 12 beads) has a medal with the image of the Holy Infant. It bears on its back the following invocation:

Divine Infant Jesus, I adore Your Cross, and I accept all the crosses You will be pleased to send me. Adorable Trinity, I offer You for the glory of the Holy Name of God all the adorations of the Sacred Heart of the Holy Infant Jesus.