Chaplet of the Holy Angels

O my Jesus, I offer this chaplet to Your Divine Heart, that You may render it perfect, thus giving joy to Your Holy Angels, and so they may keep me under their holy protection, above all at the hour of my death to which I invite them with all my heart. Strengthened by their presence,… Continue reading Chaplet of the Holy Angels

Chaplet of Our Lady of Tears

Begin with the Our Father and Hail Mary, then continue: Crucified Jesus, prostrate at Thy feet, we offer Thee the tears of blood of Her, who with devotional sympathetic love accompanied Thee on Thy painful way to Calvary. Grant, O good Master, that we take to heart the lessons which the blood-stained tears of Thy… Continue reading Chaplet of Our Lady of Tears

Chaplet of the Precious Blood

(This devotion consists of seven mysteries in which we meditate on the seven principal sheddings of the Most precious Blood of Jesus.) The Our Father without the Hail Mary is said five times after each mystery except the last, when it is said three times, thirty-three times total, in honor of the thirty-three years of… Continue reading Chaplet of the Precious Blood

Chaplet of the Infant Jesus

Beads: There are three and twelve for this chaplet. History: This chaplet to the Holy Infant owes its origin to the zeal of Venerable Marguerite of the Blessed Sacrament of Beaune (France) who died in 1648 at age 27. It centers on the mystery of Jesus Christ’s infancy, highlighting especially purity of heart and innocence.… Continue reading Chaplet of the Infant Jesus

Chaplet of Divine Mercy

The Chaplet of Divine Mercy is recited using ordinary Rosary beads of five decades. The Chaplet is sometimes preceded by two opening prayers from the Diary of Saint Faustina and followed by a closing prayer. i. Make the Sign of the Cross In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the… Continue reading Chaplet of Divine Mercy

Holy Spirit Novena

Dearest Holy Spirit, confiding in Your deep, personal love for me, I am making this novena for the following request, if it be Your Holy Will to grant it: (mention your request). Teach me, Divine Spirit, to know and seek my last end; grant me the holy fear of God; grant me true contrition and… Continue reading Holy Spirit Novena