Bedtime Prayer for the Lonely

Loving Heavenly Father, as the night is fast approaching, I pray that as I climb into bed, I may rest my weary soul in You, and allow all the business of the day to melt away. Help me Lord to find my rest in You, as I keep my heart abiding in You.

Lord, so many things are changing in my life and at times I feel so lonely, as those that are nearest and dearest to me have been taken from me, for one reason or another. Lord, I know that You have promised to be with me every moment of the day and night, but somehow the nighttime makes me feel more on my own.

Hold me close, Lord Jesus, and as I face the long night of darkness, I pray that I may sleep securely knowing that You are by my bed every moment of the night. Thank You, that moment by moment I am kept in Your love. Amen.