Bedtime Prayer of Thanks

Heavenly Father, I do thank You for the gift of sleep and the opportunity for our bodies to be renewed and our souls to be refreshed during these quiet hours of the night, and as bedtime draws nearer, I just want to thank You for the benefits of sleep You have given us and ask that You would give me Your beloved sleep tonight.

Thank You for today and all the blessings and grace that has been poured out on me and those that I love, and as I reflect on the different people I have met, I pray Your love and peace would guard and guide each one. And Lord, as I reflect on the different things that I have done, I ask Your forgiveness for anything that was not honoring You – but praise and thank You for the opportunities You have given me to carry out Your purpose through my life today.

As I settle down for the night I ask and pray that I would soon fall asleep, but first I want to hand all my cares and worries over to You, for You have promised to carry our burdens if we will simply lay them down at Your feet. I also want to lift up to You all those that mean so much to me, my family and friends, neighbors and other acquaintances, and ask Your blessing on each one – and I ask that You would wake me in the morning refreshed and ready to do Your bidding and may I be blessed with one more day to live for Jesus. Lord thank You that You are coming back soon and I pray that I may be ready for Your any day return to take us to be with Yourself in heaven – but in the meantime may I occupy until You come to Your praise and glory, Amen.