Prayer for Shalom Tidings

Jesus, we thank You for entrusting us with Your dream which is fulfilled through Shalom Tidings—a complete Christian magazine for the whole world. We praise and thank You Lord for raising up the banner of Shalom Tidings in 4 print editions and 12 languages, and thereby reaching out to millions of souls with Your life-giving streams of water that’s replenished in every page of the magazine. We thank You for Your amazing grace that touches every life with Your word of comfort and peace. We pray for all our in-house writers across the world, contributing editors, editorial council members, designers, circulation managers, volunteers and printers who incessantly work to bring this dream of Yours into reality. We thank You Lord for the digital platform of Shalom Tidings , the website and App through which millions are inspired with powerful testimonies and reflections to come closer to You and be immersed in Your ocean of mercy. We thank You Lord for all the subscribers around the world, who read the magazine and also distribute it to those in need. May Your healing love touch those who are in hospitals, nursing homes—all those who are sick and dying. May they feel comforted by Your presence. May Your light shine on those in darkness of sin and ignorance especially those who are going through depression, loneliness and fear. May their hearts be filled with great confidence in Your providence. In a special way we pray for the grace of conversion of hearts and offer all those who are receiving the magazine through prison ministry across the world. Let Your mercy cleanse them and make their hearts anew with the fire of Your divine love. O sweet Mother of God, to whom this magazine has been consecrated, we seek Your powerful intercession that all the works behind Shalom Tidings may come to fruition and millions be drawn to the amazing grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit. Amen.